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Maximizing Scheduling, Service, and Support with Swift Dentistry

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Based in Kelowna, BC, Swift Dentistry is a general practitioner that has been in business for over 25 years. Because the dental practice handles over 6000 patients with just a lean team of six, it was crucial for their dental software to be able to streamline processes and workflows. However, it became more and more obvious that their current software was not meeting their needs.

The problem

Swift Dentistry was faced with a few challenges that slowed down their day-to-day operations. In particular, there were three areas where their existing dental software was falling short:

  • Scheduling: They found their current scheduling tool convoluted and difficult to use. Swift Dentistry needed something that not only had powerful functionality to help them maximize their scheduling but that was also simple enough to learn and use quickly.
  • Service & support: Any interruptions can cost the practice money, hinder productivity, and in the end, affect patient experiences. To avoid frequent downtime, Swift Dentistry was looking for a practice management software that they could count on to consistently provide reliable service and responsive support. They needed a partner they could count on.
  • Account keeping: With the wrong software, patient billing can be extremely time-consuming, which was the case with Swift Dentistry’s solution. So it was extremely important for the dental software they chose next to have an intuitive patient ledger that allowed them to bill patients and update files accurately and efficiently.


The search

Swift Dentistry began their search by browsing dental conventions and asking around for recommendations of a software solution that would fit their needs.

They were soon contacted by the ClearDent team and were blown away by what they saw. Through a product demo, they saw first-hand how truly customizable and easy the software was to use.

From an intuitive dental scheduler to an easy-to-use patient ledger, Swift Dentistry was thrilled that the software checked all the boxes of the technical requirements they wanted. And while Swift Dentistry loved the sheer simplicity of the software and its easy-to-navigate interface, what ultimately helped the team make their decision was the personal approach and hands-on service that ClearDent took. “Peter was very thorough with his presentation and took the time to follow up,” said Barb, Office Manager at Swift Dentistry.

“Every time there is an update, the software improves for the better so we’re very happy with ClearDent”


ClearDent in action

1. Smart scheduler
Since switching over, Swift Dentistry now better caters to how more and more of their patients prefer to be contacted. They found that patient engagement increased significantly as patients responded much faster through text messages than via phone calls.

Barb says that “while there will always be some patients that still need to be chased down, there has definitely been a reduction in no-shows and late cancellations” with the help of ClearDent’s effortless patient communication, intuitive appointment management, and automated reminders. And by texting their patients, both individually and in groups, the team is able to instantly fill unexpected gaps in the schedule.

Colour-coding makes viewing appointments super clear, while the drag-and-drop feature means booking or changing appointments was done in mere seconds. Swift Dentistry wanted an easy-to-use dental scheduler but they got so much more with ClearDent. Smart suggestions from the software, such as scheduling family appointments together, making the strategic bookings to maximize high-value treatments and increasing revenue a piece of cake.

2. Reliable service and support
From the initial meeting to onboarding to ongoing support, Swift Dentistry has always felt taken care of. Since switching over, the service they’ve experienced with ClearDent has been consistently dependable and delightful. “The support is top-of-the-line, and in all the years Swift Dentistry has had ClearDent, we’ve never been down and have always been able to continue working without interruption,” remarks Barb.

One support feature that Barb really appreciates the callback function. Instead of spending wasted time wasted on the phone, she is able to limit the disruption to her tasks and continue on with her day.

Swift Dentistry appreciates not only how ClearDent is always looking for new ways to improve dental professionals’ lives, but that they actively use the feedback to iterate on features for the software. “Every time there is an update, the software improves for the better so we’re very happy with ClearDent,” says Barb.

3. Intuitive patient ledger
Their previous dental software had a clunky patient ledger that was complicated and confusing so it was no surprise that Swift Dentistry was searching for a software that had an easy-to-use ledger with an interface that helped them send insurance claims and bill patients faster instead of impeding their workflow or accuracy.

Built with office managers and dentists in mind, the ledger had colour-coded labels and seamless functionality, which made navigating around to sending claims and bill patients no sweat for the team.

Details like an option for contract billing for ongoing treatments and the ability to update the ledger for multiple patients at a time has helped save a lot of time and headaches. Plus with the ledger in the same place as everything else Swift Dentistry needs to run their practice, it makes switching back and forth between tasks a breeze.


In the few years that they’ve been with ClearDent, Swift Dentistry has seen some remarkable results. There has been a direct impact on their bottom line as automation and intuitive features help them work more efficiently, increasing practice production and profit. Plus, the simplified and streamlined processes for patient billing, insurance processing, and scheduling means fewer headaches and less stress for staff. Upgrading their technical backend freed up valuable time for the team to focus on their patients and to provide the fantastic care and attentive education that their patients have come to expect. As a result, patient satisfaction and engagement have increased significantly. Barb says, “our patients are much happier with the enhanced service that we’ve been able to provide them with the help of ClearDent”.

“Our patients are much happier with the enhanced service that we’ve been able to provide them with the help of ClearDent”