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6 Ways AI Will Impact Dentistry

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Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dentistry—enhancing diagnostics, treatment planning, patient engagement, and administrative efficiency. From automating tasks to revolutionizing imaging, AI promises a future of precision and personalized care, while emphasizing the importance of robust data security

What Does “Future-Proof” Technology Look Like in Dentistry?


Embrace the future of dentistry with cutting-edge technology. ClearDent pioneers cloud-based management and AI integration, empowering your practice to stay ahead and provide top-notch care. Explore our range of solutions designed for modern dental professionals and ensure your practice is well-equipped for the evolving landscape of dental healthcare.

ClearDent to provide dental software practice solutions for RBC Healthcare®

ClearDent to Provide Dental Software Practice Solutions for RBC Healthcare

BURNABY, BC — May 10, 2023 – ClearDent, a leading dental software provider for Canadian dentists, announces that it will now be providing preferential pricing for its software to RBC Healthcare clients. “Being selected as the RBC Healthcare dental management software provider speaks volumes about the strength and credibility of our leading, on-premise solution, our […]