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Dentists, taxes, and money

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This webinar is about...

This webinar is about…

Participants will learn:

Tax changes, good and bad, from federal budget
Tax maneuvers which will save dentists money
Selling your dental practice: tax minimization & value maximization
Buying your dental practice: tax Issues, what to look for/avoid, how to buy a practice in a competitive market

About David Chong Yen:

David has been advising dentists on tax, valuations, and accounting for more than 35 years. David, a tax specialist, chartered professional accountant and certified financial planner has written hundreds of tax articles for the dental community and was also the co-author of the ODA published book titled, “Dentist’s Tax and Financial Guide”.

About Eugene Chu:

Eugene has been working with dentists for over a decade. He obtained his Masters of Accounting from the University of Waterloo in 2009 and his Chartered Accountant designation shortly thereafter.

He has been a speaker at dental schools and various dental associations throughout Ontario and has published many articles for the dental community. His knowledge and experience of the day-to-day challenges dentists face as well as his practical approach has allowed him to serve and provide guidance to hundreds of dentists.

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