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Digital Marketing for Dental Practices Now more than ever

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This webinar is about...

A ClearDent Webinar

In the past, most dentists believed having a nicely built website with resources and contact information would be enough. Today, solo practices, groups and DSO’s are increasingly ramping up their online presence with vibrant social media platforms, live webinars, swift text communication – all to help build patient relationships and advance the success of their practices.

This seminar will provide you with the real-world advice from leading experts in the field of marketing in dentistry, which include: 

  • Branding 
  • The Digital Audit
  • Reputation Management 
  • Online Presence 
  • Where do I start 


About Dr. Angela Mulrooney:

Angela works with professionals internationally to get them noticed as the go-to expert of their industry while maintaining their authenticity. she went from being a well-known dentist to hitting rock-bottom – losing everything after sustaining a career-ending injury that killed her ability to practice. She rebranded herself as a dental business coach. Her authentic comeback story as she built her new brand was noticed by other professionals who started asking her to unleash their authentic personal brands on social media. 

About Simon Papadopoulos:

Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, Simon graduated from the U of S with bachelor degrees in Computational Science and Commerce. He spent his early years in Calgary at IBM Canada, and then solidified a long successful career of 15 years at Federated Coop. In 2017 he decided to jump on the rocketship of Social Ordeals to become the COO, where he’s built strategic partnerships and educated 1000’s of local businesses and brands to overcome their weaknesses online and launch successful digital strategies. Simon has spoken at many digital conferences, podcasts, and even industry specific engagements like ELEVATE for CALA (California Assisted Living Associations). 

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