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Trust & reputation in dentistry’s new normal

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This webinar is about...

This webinar is about…

Did you know that 97% of consumers read local business reviews? In dentistry, new patients looking for a dental practice to call ‘home’ are no different. In this webinar, we’ve brought in an experienced public relations professional to provide some insight into how you can make your practice stand out, and also weather any reputation management obstacles.

Participants will be provided with a presentation that:

  • Gives them the context they need to know/understand in terms of managing reputational issues at a time when social media is ubiquitous;
  • Provides real-life case study examples of how-to, and how-not-to handle issues & crises;
  • Delves into the best practices on issues & crisis management;
  • Highlights the framework you’ll need to institute thereby enhancing your ability to respond to crises that could adversely impact your business.

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