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Practice Optimization

Practice Optimization Webinar

Watch the recording Explore best practices including the tools, features, and reports powering your practice performance. Learn how to leverage real data for informed decision-making that will foster growth and drive success at your dental practice. In this webinar you’ll learn about: Best practices for managing insurance policies and getting patients to notify you of changes. […]

The Technology-Driven Practice: AI, Digital Dentistry, Online Marketing, Patient Communications and More

Technology Driven Practice Webinar

Watch the recording Technology is the key to staying ahead of the competition and providing exceptional care, and ClearDent offers a range of cutting-edge features from diagnostic imaging to patient management systems, that will revolutionize the way you operate and deliver services! In this webinar you’ll learn about: Cloud’s integration capabilities with online marketing, digital […]

Advanced Recall Management

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We understand the importance of having an efficient and effective Recall system. A working system increases hygiene production, surfaces new treatment opportunities, and most importantly, improves preventative oral healthcare for patients. ClearDent has features, tools, and reports made specifically for creating an incredible Recall system. We discuss and demonstrate how to use ClearDent to build […]

ClearDent spring webinars

Spring Webinars

Join us as we bring you a variety of speaking topics by leading dental professionals, providing innovative solutions for your practice.

Take your pick of diverse set of topics from Artificial Intelligence to Digital Marketing that could help you improve your dental practice’s efficiency.

We’d like to thank our partners Pearl, Unleashing Dentistry, Social Ordeals, and Chapter2Dental for joining us.

Unleashing potential with unleashing dentistry

Unleashing Opportunities

With 2020 giving the world of dentistry a head-spinning and unprecedented disruption to doing what we all know and love, also gave practices the opportunity to discover areas for improvement. Can you say two years later you have a more resilient practice? If you’re interested to know how to kick start your practice, this webinar […]

How to grow your practice with digital marketing

Digital Marketing

With the world turning more and more to digital communication, do you find yourself falling further behind online marketing trends? As a busy dental professional, your job is to treat patients, not become experts at digital marketing. Yet, many dentists realize their practices require they go beyond the brick and mortar, especially during times when […]

Increase case acceptance with Chapter2Dental

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While most dentists believe that their practice has a high case acceptance rate, studies show that only 25% to 35% of new patients go through with recommended dental treatment. Meet Dr. Mazen Dagher and Olivier Sefler M.B.A. — who will share the breakthrough insights they gathered on case acceptance during the 3-year development of Chapter2Dental, a new generation of […]

Easy letters, intake, treatment plans, and referrals

Letters Intake Plans

It is critical to ensure you have all patient information at your fingertips. The documentation and letters required for your referrals often can take an unnecessarily long time to obtain.  This webinar will show you best practices for referrals using software with the needs of your specialty practice at the forefront.   If you’re interested in establishing a […]

Protecting your practice from employee theft & insurance fraud

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While embezzlement and fraud seem out of reach to most dental practices, it occurs more times than one would think. Follow David and Bianca as they tell some of the eye-opening stories of practice fraud and answer your burning questions on how best to protect your dental practice from practice embezzlement. If you’re interested about […]

Dental embezzlement

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In this session, private investigator and dental forensic account David Harris will discuss why, and how, staff embezzle from dental practices. David will provide three easy-to-implement strategies that will drastically reduce a practice owner’s vulnerability to embezzlement. About David Harris: David is the Chief Executive Officer of Prosperident, the world’s largest firm investigating financial crimes […]