ClearDent: Power User Tools

Additional features for the power users in your dental practice

Keep the secondary aspects of your dental practice at the forefront of your software.

Team Chat

Our team chat feature provides an open line of communication for your dental team. From one-to-one messaging, or office-wide broadcasts, you’re able to have a direct link between all staff without ever leaving your operatory.

Team Hours

Digitally record when your employees sign-in and sign-out including overtime calculation. For greater accuracy, these times are based on the ClearDent server time, keeping staff hours consistent. Control which users can view or adjust staff hours and pay data, ensuring information stays confidential.

Three windows in ClearDent's software showing staff management system and time sheet

Inventory Management

Manage dental inventory with a barcode scanner or through manual entry on our Inventory Management system. Receive notifications when quantities of material are running low. Stay notified of your on-route inventory with built-in order tracking.

Contract Billing

For ongoing treatments, offer your patient a contract billing option. Submit claims, send invoices, and automatically update ledgers for up to 50 patients at a time. Process claims for the entire course of treatment all at once and send claims directly to the billing wizard, keeping patients billed on time.

Enhance your practice’s productivity with our Power User Tools