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Fairview Dental Puts Patient Education at the Forefront of Practice Management 

In 2021, Dr. Dylan Olver, a passionate dentist dedicated to patient education and innovative dental practice, became the owner of the Fairview Dental Centre in Vancouver, BC, which was an early adopter of ClearDent. Dr. Olver’s journey with the clinic began in 2017 after completing his Doctor of Dental Medicine at UBC. From its inception, the practice fostered the philosophy that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in patient care – making patient education a top priority. This success story explores how ClearDent is integral to the practice’s operations, enhancing patient education, streamlining workflows, and supporting the clinic’s growth and evolution. 

Initial Impressions and Seamless Transition 

His first impressions from his early days at Fairview Dental highlighted ClearDent’s user-friendliness, especially in charting, imaging, and accessing patient history.  According to Olver, “Compared to other software like PowerPractice, ClearDent stood out for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and streamlined scheduler. Its odontogram and imaging integration capabilities were particularly appealing, enhancing the practice’s educational philosophy.” Upon taking over the practice, Dr. Olver was already familiar with ClearDent, having used it for five years, making the transition to ownership that much smoother. He also was aware of ClearDent’s upcoming releases, and looked forward to ClearDent Cloud, ClearConnect, and Online Booking. 

Comparative Advantages and Valuable Retention 

Before fully committing to ClearDent after taking over the practice, Dr. Olver considered other practice management software. However, the intuitive nature of ClearDent, coupled with its robust features, solidified his decision to retain it during the practice transition. As an owner, the comprehensive reporting tools within ClearDent have proven invaluable, offering insights into production averages per procedure and staff performance – things he hadn’t been as focused on when he was an associate. And knowing that ClearDent had a clear product roadmap that would power the practice today and into the future, it was a no-brainer. 

Daily Utilization and Features 

ClearDent is used daily at Dr. Olver’s practice for patient education, imaging workflows, and easy access to patient histories. The practice has successfully integrated ClearDent into their unique workflow, emphasizing the importance of dental photography for comprehensive records. Their unique approach to patient education using ClearDent’s software has allowed the practice to attract 3-4 new patients weekly without advertising — showing the power of client reviews, referrals, and word-of-mouth. 

Long-Term Vision and Impact on Patient Relationships 

Looking to the future, Dr. Olver envisions moving the practice to ClearDent Cloud to leverage analytics and data-driven insights, plus all the other benefits of the Cloud.  The anticipated features, such as cloud-based services, client engagement and online booking, promise to further streamline workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and grow the practice. 

ClearDent has significantly impacted patient relationships and service quality at the practice. The software’s forms and automation relieve the front desk of significant workloads, allowing the team to focus more on patient care. Dr. Olver’s treatment philosophy relies heavily on ClearDent’s workflow, especially in educating patients through detailed imagery and records. 

Personal Insight and Advice 

A standout moment for Dr. Olver was realizing how ClearDent enabled his hygienist team to meticulously update and record dental changes, supporting the practice’s educational approach. He advises other practices considering ClearDent to “jump right in” and invest in a camera to fully utilize the software’s capabilities. The benefits of integrating ClearDent into daily practice operations far outweigh the challenges. 


Dr. Olver’s dental practice exemplifies how embracing innovative technology like ClearDent can transform patient care, improve operational efficiency, and support long-term growth. ClearDent’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface have made it an indispensable tool for Dr. Olver, allowing him to stay true to his philosophy of education through imaging and ensuring his practice remains at the forefront of dental care innovation.

“I’ve used ClearDent most of my career. It’s user-friendly and easy to access all the patient information you need, current and historical. At Fairview Dental, we believe strongly in patient education as a practice philosophy, and ClearDent makes it easy to keep patients well informed of their oral health journey.”