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Why Leadership Matters in Dentistry


Leadership in dentistry is crucial for operations, patient care, and success. From fostering a positive workplace to embracing innovation, leaders drive efficiency, staff training, and crisis management. A clear vision, mission, and values guide practice identity and patient trust. Strong leadership is essential for thriving in healthcare’s evolving landscape.

5 Steps to Great Communication at Your Dental Practice 

Dentist talking to a patient in his surgery

Feeling overwhelmed? Missing important details? Wanting to feel more prepared when walking into the operatory or when answering an incoming call? You’re not alone.  Here are 5 ways to get your team in sync using tools they already have.  1. The Huddle – a daily team touchpoint  Given how hectic today’s practice has become, it’s […]

Building a loyal patient following for your dental practice

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While most people typically associate brands with their favorite snacks and drinks, in the world of marketing, a brand entails everything that customers – or patients – think about you and your dental practice. Without needing to be a catchy jingle or beautiful logo, the brand that represents your dental practice is how patients perceive you, […]

Is the cloud safe for my dental practice data?

cloud security

If you were bold enough, you might ask 100 people what digital security meant to them, and you’d get about 100 different responses to the question. Luckily, cloud technology has long been at work adapting the highest security standards, and even expanding on those already in place for standard servers or on-prem solutions. Simple things […]

How to avoid no-show appointments and last-minute cancellations in your dental office

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When patients don’t show, or cancel at the last minute, it can harm your dental clinic’s bottom line. No-show appointments equate to lost time, productivity, and profit for your practice. Patients also suffer from missed appointments due to delayed care as well as reducing available appointment times. You may be thinking, I can’t control my patients… […]

How to get patient feedback for your dental practice

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There are many types of patients in the world. They range from enthusiastic go-getters that are eagerly awaiting your confirmation that they are cavity-free, to the slightly more apprehensive. Regardless of their disposition, understanding what your patients think of you and your team’s work is incredibly important. Understanding if someone enjoys, or even loves the work […]

Handling online complaints againsts your dental practice

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Primum non nocere, or, do no harm, is perhaps the most important value that a doctor holds. It guides the methodology and informs the course of a patient’s treatment and care. While care providers are passionate about improving lives during every appointment, patients can experience, or believe, harm has been done to them. With dental clinics […]

A Better Way – Business of Dentistry Wrap-Up

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Our community of oral health professionals seldom gets the opportunity to come together and learn. There will always be trade shows with an exhibition, but time for an intimate conversation about the business of dentistry is rare. For that exact reason, I was so proud to bring together a panel of seasoned professionals from across […]