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Digital imaging: Integrations at your practice

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Charting and digital imaging were meant to grace your screen: don’t they look great together? Most dentists eventually realize that, by removing the need to rifle through paper charts, their standard of patient care can improve. In fact, gathering information by switching software programs or finding a paper chart is a thing of the past. […]

Getting the most from your dental software

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So, you’ve successfully made the jump into the digital age by implementing software to help manage your practice. Maybe your contract is coming up for renewal, or you’re starting to wonder what else can be streamlined in your business by implementing more technology. We’ve scoured the latest updates from practice management software providers to give […]

Top dental scheduling tips

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Without proper dental scheduling, there are many ways that time can be wasted in a busy clinic. And when time is lost, revenue and morale take a hit too. A full schedule does not always translate to productivity and profitability. The goal of an efficient schedule is to run your dental clinic smarter not harder, […]

The goals of patient communication in dentistry

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We are people that are being told a million things each day. When was the last time you kept this in mind when reaching out to your patients? To provide meaningful communication and break through the noise, you need to be able to zero in on one specific message that acts as a call to action. […]

4 advantages of cloud computing for a single-location dental practice

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When it comes to the import of wide-reaching technology, the size of a practice has historically felt like the deciding factor. For smaller dental offices, there is often a window of ‘wait and see’, as practices look to other, similarly-sized offices for success.  The incredible aspect of cloud technology is that it offers value not just to […]

4 advantages of cloud computing for a multi-office dental practice

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Many dentists, technicians, and office managers might recall the excitement as practices started to do away with walls of patient records kept in manilla folders. As on-prem servers and software replaced files loaded with mixed degrees of penmanship, patient information became more reliable and easier to update. The risk of records not being correctly updated practically evaporated as people […]

The 3 P’s – Dental analytics made easy

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You want to be a successful dental clinic, but how will you know if you’ve made it? And more importantly, once you’ve reached success, how do you stay there? Quantifying success can be done in a variety of ways: client satisfaction surveys, new patients, five-star reviews, revenue. In business, the most common method of measuring success […]

Cloud computing explained

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Have you ever wondered what the ‘Cloud’ is, where all the information is stored, what some concrete examples are, and most importantly, is it safe? Simply put, much of what cloud technology consists of is largely based on the initial idea of the internet itself. The cloud allows you to establish a direct connection to […]

How to avoid no-show appointments and last-minute cancellations in your dental office

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When patients don’t show, or cancel at the last minute, it can harm your dental clinic’s bottom line. No-show appointments equate to lost time, productivity, and profit for your practice. Patients also suffer from missed appointments due to delayed care as well as reducing available appointment times. You may be thinking, I can’t control my patients… […]