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ClearDent Cloud

See the big picture from anywhere

ClearDent Cloud is the next generation of our all-in-one solution. Get the power of our dental software in the cloud, taken further with multi-office features.
Cloud-Based Dental Software

ClearDent Cloud can help you:

Securely access and manage your dental practice from anywhere
Unify all locations of your multi-office practice
Get the best of both a cloud and in-office solution

multi-office scheduling

Multi-Office Scheduling & More

If you manage multiple offices, ClearDent Cloud provides access to each office’s data while maintaining full security across the board. View each office schedule, and make cross-location scheduling easier than ever.

Secure Data Access

Get rid of third-party remote access software that can jeopardize your security. ClearDent Cloud provides practice administration features without the need for additional software, using your Google Chrome browser.
secure data access
cloud integrations

Seamless Integration with In-Office ClearDent Solutions

Whether you’re working in the Cloud or not, be assured that updates, data, and patient information are still securely stored on your servers. Continue using our Cloud and non-Cloud features, together, without any hesitation, and ensure your workflow efficiency remains high.

Secure Data Storage that Stays In Canada

Your business deserves to know where your data resides. With ClearDent Cloud, we ensure that your cloud data stays secure by using the latest Microsoft platform and technology, all located in Canada.
compliant data storage
full cloud-based solution for dentists

The first step towards a full cloud solution

ClearDent Cloud deliver the practice administration features that provide clarity and connectivity to a multi-office dental practice – but that’s just the first step. Stay tuned as we bring digital charting, imaging, and more to the cloud, ushering in the next generation of dental software.

Ready to move to the Cloud with ClearDent?