ClearDent Cloud: Front Office

Streamline your patient care with the Cloud.

ClearDent Cloud: Front Office is a hybrid solution, used by financial and healthcare industries, that blends the functionality of a server-based software with the accessibility of the cloud.

See The Big Picture. From Anywhere.

Whether you are in the office, at home, or anywhere in-between, you can securely access patient files, treatment plans, and billing information at your fingertips.
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Multiple Offices? No Problem.

If you manage multiple offices, you shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to access each office’s data. With ClearDent Cloud, you can maximize your productivity and take control of any office’s administrative tasks from anywhere.

Seamless Integration With All ClearDent Solutions

Whether you’re working in the Cloud or not, be assured that updates, data, and patient information are still securely stored on your servers. This means that you can continue to use our Cloud and non-Cloud features, together, without any hesitation, and ensure your workflow efficiency remains high.

Secure Data Storage That Stays In Canada

Your business deserves to know where your data resides. With ClearDent Cloud, we ensure that your cloud data stays secure by using the latest Microsoft platform and technology, all located in Canada.

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