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6 Ways AI Will Impact Dentistry

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Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dentistry—enhancing diagnostics, treatment planning, patient engagement, and administrative efficiency. From automating tasks to revolutionizing imaging, AI promises a future of precision and personalized care, while emphasizing the importance of robust data security

What Does “Future-Proof” Technology Look Like in Dentistry?


Embrace the future of dentistry with cutting-edge technology. ClearDent pioneers cloud-based management and AI integration, empowering your practice to stay ahead and provide top-notch care. Explore our range of solutions designed for modern dental professionals and ensure your practice is well-equipped for the evolving landscape of dental healthcare.

I went to the dentist during a pandemic

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Right before non-essential businesses went into lockdown, I went to see my dentist. I’d been watching a movie when I bit into the wrong kernel of popcorn and chipped a tooth. It wasn’t super painful, but it put me on edge about the whole thing falling out, so I sent a frantic email about my […]

Is the cloud safe for my dental practice data?

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If you were bold enough, you might ask 100 people what digital security meant to them, and you’d get about 100 different responses to the question. Luckily, cloud technology has long been at work adapting the highest security standards, and even expanding on those already in place for standard servers or on-prem solutions. Simple things […]

Handling online complaints againsts your dental practice

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Primum non nocere, or, do no harm, is perhaps the most important value that a doctor holds. It guides the methodology and informs the course of a patient’s treatment and care. While care providers are passionate about improving lives during every appointment, patients can experience, or believe, harm has been done to them. With dental clinics […]

Dental software compliance: The forgotten feature

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Whether you’re opening your own practice, or you’ve been investigating how software can make your day-to-day schedule smoother, one of the most important factors to keep top of mind is compliance. Typically under-advertised, a product’s ability to comply with provincial or federal law is what dictates your own office’s adherence to guidelines, and also your exposure to […]

The virtues of a paperless dental practice

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There’s no secret that the latest tech is bringing lots of change to just about every industry. Smartphones are making work possible from anywhere, and with the latest digital security, even medical documents are safe on your server. If you’ve been wondering about the benefits or risks of going paperless, we’ve got answers to your top […]

7 benefits of cloud backup for dental practices

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From viruses to theft to natural disasters, there are countless threats to your patient and practice data every day. With increasing security breaches in the medical field, ensuring that your data is safe and secure has never been more important. Enter cloud backup for dental practices. When it comes to choosing your dental software, one […]

Cybersecurity for dental practices

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Data breaches are a very real threat to healthcare providers such as dentists. You have to ensure that your dental practice has the proper dental IT solutions and cybersecurity procedures in place to adhere to PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) principles and prevent data breaches. The need for cybersecurity in the healthcare […]