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Finding over 10,000 incorrect payments in a dental office

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In his time before becoming a ClearDent trainer, Jim both trained practices on other dental software as well as worked in many dental offices. To say that he knows the ins and outs of running a dental practice would be an understatement. Recently, Jim reflected back on a time from a previous employer when he […]

You don’t need a calculator.. or a wand in your dental office


Imagine a world where each patient’s insurance coverage appears before you like magic. Imagine having the correct invoice amount for every patient, every time. Imagine having everything ready for you in an instant!* You don’t have to imagine it… it can be yours! But first, a couple of definitions: Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is the statement […]

Let your dental office go to your pocket

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Being a dentist automatically means you will be spending many hours at your office. Because your practice is basically a bank vault of sensitive patient information, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done without being physically there. If only we lived in the age of technology and had a solution to this problem! …oh wait, […]