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Fairview Dental Puts Patient Education at the Forefront of Practice Management 


In 2021, Dr. Dylan Olver, a passionate dentist dedicated to patient education and innovative dental practice, became the owner of the Fairview Dental Centre in Vancouver, BC, which was an early adopter of ClearDent. Dr. Olver’s journey with the clinic began in 2017 after completing his Doctor of Dental Medicine at UBC. From its inception, […]

Adapting and Thriving with ClearDent: Dr. A.M Kahane’s Journey to Efficiency


About In the evolving world of dental practice management, finding software that not only keeps pace with change but drives innovation and efficiency is imperative. One practice’s journey with ClearDent over the years demonstrates growth, adaptation, and success that many in the dental community can learn from.  ClearDent has been a constant in Dr. A.M. […]

Dr. Kumar Transforms Dental Care with ClearDent

Dr. Seema Kumar

About  When Dr. Kumar set out to start her dental practice, her journey led her to ClearDent.  Another ClearDent customer, KDental made the pivotal introduction. An opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by ClearDent opened Dr. Kumar’s eyes to the possibilities that ClearDent could offer her practice. Although other software solutions like Eaglesoft and Dentrix […]

Management Advisory Practitioners Gets “Everything They Need at Their Fingertips” with ClearDent Cloud 

Andrew Moukled of MAP

After onboarding four new practices in the past year, Andrew Moukled, faced operational challenges due to their geographically dispersed locations. Their staff had to travel extensively to access reports and make strategic decisions, resulting in inefficiencies in their workflows. He needed a solution that would allow him to access information, all in one place. Read about Andrew’s journey with ClearDent Cloud.

Expanding with ClearDent Cloud


Dr. Ari’s decision to purchase two additional locations was a simple one, but the complexities of managing multiple locations with multiple teams meant tripling the work that went into running a single, profitable practice. He needed a solution that could standardize processes and provide visibility across all offices. Read about Dr. Ari’s journey with ClearDent Cloud.

From Paper to Paperless with Centennial Dental


Few clinics can boast the same history as Centennial Dental in Kamloops British Columbia. When founded by Dr. Takahashi nearly 40 years ago, it was the only place where a resident of Kamloops could receive dental implants.